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AOSITE Hardware Annual Review (2020)part 3



Entering the post-epidemic era on July 15th, the domestic market is fully recovering. As the first large-scale furniture exhibition in the whole industry chain in China this year, the China Guangzhou International Furniture Production Equipment and Ingredients Exhibition will be held in Guangzhou on July 27-30. Pazhou Canton Fair Exhibition Hall was held to help the industry's recovery and development. AOSITE Hardware has always been committed to bringing quality hardware to consumers. Taking this opportunity to hold the Guangzhou CIFF exhibition, AOSITE Hardware brought a variety of new products such as the minimalist style Black Diamond Series and the Damping Hinge Agate Black Series.

2August 17 Tatami has broken the traditional vertical space storage convention because of its storage, rest, entertainment and other functions, and has become the most popular way for many consumers to decorate. It can transform from a bed into a desk in an instant, or a place for family and friends to relax and entertain, bringing warmth and laughter to the family.

Tatami hardware accessories are the core of the entire tatami. It opens and closes, pushes and pulls. Tatami elevators and hardware are the most commonly used components of tatami. The quality of tatami is related to the normal use and safety of tatami. Therefore, tatami hardware accessories play a decisive role in tatami! Variety of space, security guard AOSITE tatami hardware system, give you small space, large use and security guard.


On September 15th, in our daily life, we need to use cabinet doors every day. At this time, the most important thing to be tested is the cabinet hinge. In addition to the quality of the hinge, which affects the long-term use of the cabinet, whether the cabinet door hinge is installed in place and securely is also important. It will bring unnecessary trouble to users in the future use process. As the so-called "three-point quality and seven-point installation", AOSITE meticulously prepared the cabinet door hinge installation skills for everyone.

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