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Stainless steel or stone? How to choose a kitchen sink(4)



3. Which sink installation method to choose?

There are three common types: on-stage, under-stage, and middle-stage. The difference lies in the installation process.

Advantages: lower than the countertop, easy to clean, good overall look and feel.

Disadvantages: The installation is relatively complicated, extra charges are required, and there are certain requirements for the strength and load-bearing of the countertop.


The simple understanding is to insert the sink flat into the cabinet countertop, so that the countertop and the sink have the same thickness.

Advantages: There are almost no dead corners and drops, it is easy to clean the table, and the vision is beautiful.

Disadvantages: The processing is very difficult and the cycle is long, and additional charges are required.


From the above comparison, different sinks have their own advantages and disadvantages. I personally think that we can comprehensively consider from multiple aspects, such as budget, kitchen conditions, and personal living habits.

If you pay more attention to the practicality of the sink and not so diligent in cleaning, the stainless steel sink is the most suitable for general households. After all, the right way to choose is to pursue beauty after the quality has passed the test.

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