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Different Hinge Types and Where to Use Them


Hinges play an important role in furniture. They help doors and drawers of furniture remain stable, making it easier for people to store items and use the furniture. Hinges are connecting devices made of metal or plastic that provide joints for furniture, allowing them to rotate or slide. Hinges are an integral part of furniture such as bookcases, wardrobes, kitchen cabinets and drawers, and are an integral part of the furniture industry.

Different Hinge Types and Where to Use Them 1

Furniture hinges are so functional, but they can also enhance the overall design of a piece of furniture. Good hinge design can improve the texture and beauty of furniture, better protect household items, and bring more fun to home life.

Hinges also play another very important role in furniture, which is to ensure the stability of the furniture. Just like the bones of the human body, hinges, as key components of furniture, bear the responsibility of supporting the furniture, maintaining the posture of the furniture, and solidifying the furniture structure. In furniture design, reducing the scrap rate is one of the goals pursued by industrial manufacturing, and good hinge design can help furniture achieve this goal.

Additionally, hinges play an integral role in durability. Just like other key components in furniture design, hinges need to take into account the age of use and the durability of the components used with them. Therefore, home designers must consider iron parts, sealing rings, lubricated surfaces, and other important structural parameters when designing hinges to ensure that the furniture can last for a long time without losing stability when bending.

In modern home design, many manufacturers have also begun to focus on hinge innovation. Advances in craftsmanship and constant challenges have allowed more designers to transform hinges from a single functional component into accessories that enhance design aesthetics. For example, there are many progressive hinges on the market today, which can allow furniture doors to open more smoothly and improve user comfort. There are also T-shaped hinges that allow the door to be perfectly integrated with the frame to enhance the aesthetics.

Therefore, the role of hinges in furniture is particularly important, and innovation and material improvements can also improve their beauty and simplicity. As long as the market demand is fully considered during the design process and combined with modern materials, processes and technologies, hinges can play a more important and diverse role in furniture. In short, the role of hinges cannot be ignored, especially in modern home life. It has become an indispensable part of cabinets, wardrobes, dining tables, chairs and other furniture.

Furniture is an essential part of our lives. It is not only for functionality but also for creating a warm and comfortable living environment. There are many important parts in furniture, and hinges are one of them. It plays a load-bearing and connecting role in furniture, making it stronger and more durable. The following will introduce in detail the different types of furniture hinges and their use locations.

1. Ordinary hinge

Ordinary hinges are the most common type of hinges. They are simple in design and affordable. They are widely used in various furniture, such as doors, cabinets, drawers, etc. Unlike other advanced hinges, it can only rotate one way and often requires manual installation and adjustment of accessories. However, despite its simplicity, it is still very practical and can meet a variety of daily life needs.

2. Air pressure hinge

Air pressure hinge is a relatively advanced type of hinge. Its biggest feature is that it can automatically close to keep the furniture tidy and beautiful. Because its design is relatively complex, the price is relatively high, and it is usually used in some high-end furniture, such as high-end wardrobes, cabinets, etc. The principle of gas spring is used to automatically close the furniture door or drawer, which makes the opening and closing of the furniture more comfortable and convenient, and avoids the risk of possible damage to the furniture.

3. Automatic reset hinge

The automatic reset hinge is a special type of hinge with a rebound function. When the furniture is opened, the hinge will use the handle to make the furniture door or drawer automatically reset after opening. This type of hinge is usually used in kitchen furniture, such as storage cabinets, etc. It makes it easier for us to use the furniture and also brings a more comfortable and convenient living experience to the family.

4. Door hinge

The door gap hinge is the most common type of invisible hinge. It installs the hinge between the door panel and the column. It is not only beautiful and strong but also does not block the floor space of the door, which makes it more suitable for furniture upgrades. Replacement. Door hinges are widely used in modern home decoration. Although the price is relatively high, the visual and usability experience they bring to people is irreplaceable.


As a Door Hinges Manufacturer. Although furniture hinges are small parts, they play an important role in the use of furniture. Therefore, choosing the appropriate hinge type can help us make the furniture more practical and beautiful. From the simplest ordinary hinge to the self-returning hinge, no matter which one, we need to choose the correct hinge type according to the actual needs of furniture use.

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