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With the increasing popularity of customized furniture in the market, Door Handle are the most conspicuous accessories for cabinets, wardrobes, and drawers. Various styles of matching have appeared accordingly, factory including classical, modern, and various materials of zinc alloy, stainless steel, and so on. AOSITE HARDWARE, just for providing you with a stable home. Different kinds of light luxurious style furniture handles and cabinet handle & knobs, the metal material of zinc alloy and brass for your different choices.
Zinc Handle For Furniture
Drawer handle is an important part of drawer, so the quality of drawer handle is closely related to the quality of drawer handle and whether the drawer is convenient to use. How do we choose drawer handles? 1. it is best to choose drawer handles of well-known brands, such as AOSITE, so as to...
Brass Handle For Cabinet Door
A brass cabinet handle is a stylish and durable option for adding a touch of luxury to your kitchen or bathroom cabinets. With its warm tone and sturdy material, it provides easy access to storage while elevating the overall look of the room.
Hidden Handle For Wardrobe door
Packing: 10pcs/ Ctn Feature: Easy Installation Function: Push Pull Decoration Style: elegant classical handle Package: Poly Bag + Box Material: Aluminum Application: Cabinet, Drawer, Dresser, Wardrobe, furniture, door, closet Size: 200*13*48 Finish: Oxidized black
Crystal Handle For Drawer
Drawer handle is an important component of drawer, which is used to install on drawer for opening and closing door conveniently. 1. According to material: single metal, alloy, plastic, ceramic, glass, etc. 2. According to the shape: tubular, strip, spherical and various geometric shapes, etc. 3....
Long Handle For Wardrobe door
The long handle has a strong sense of line, which can make the space appear more rich and interesting. However, the long handle has more handle positions and is more convenient to use. Its simple and practical design makes it the choice of wardrobe handles for most young people. First, the...
Aluminum Handle For Cupboard Door
Decoration housing will use a lot of goods installation, doors and windows are the first will be installed, there are many doors and windows need handle, but there are many kinds of material handle, but sometimes we do not understand the material of handle, in fact, now the more common is...
Crystal Handle For Cupboard Door
Are your cabinets due for an update? At AOSITE Hardware, our selection of furniture handle and hardware is second to none, and you will have no trouble finding the precise set you need for your home project. Looking for cabinet door hardware? You have come to the right place. Shop from our...
Aluminum Handle For Wardrobe Door
Type:Furniture Handle & Knob Place of Origin:China, Guangdong, China Brand Name:AOSITE Model Number:T205 Material:Aluminum Profile, Zinc Usage:Cabinet, Drawer, Dresser, Wardrobe, Cabinet, Drawer, Dresser, Wardrobe Screw:M4X22 Finish:Electroplating Application:Home Furniture Color:Gold or...
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Product Features

Today, with the repid development of hardware industry, the home furnishing market put forward higher requirement for the hardware. Aosite Door Handle Manufacturers always stand in a new industry perspective, using excellent and innovative technology to build the new hardware quality standard.

Fine Craftwork and Professional bedroom furniture hardwares pull handles Manufacture Technology.
Professional Team
Bedroom furniture hardwares pull handles have professional sales team and 24 hours Reply.
Professional Design
Cabinet door handles use brass, and having our professional designer, customer' s design is acceptable.
High Quality
We are bedroom furniture hardwares pull handles manufacturer, have a low factory price, and high quality
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How To Install A Handle
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Door Handle Installation Steps
There are many friends who have lost their doorknobs. In fact, it is easier to understand, because the door handle is easy to break. With a little force, it will be pulled out directly. Now that the door handle is gone, should I consider reinstalling it? So here comes the problem. What are the installation steps of the door handle?
Open the door so that the inner and outer door handles can be operated simultaneously. Locate the two screws on the inner door handle cover held together by the inner and outer handles.
png100-t3-scale100 (2)
Use a cross-head screwdriver to turn the two screws counterclockwise, pull the inner door handle away from the door, and pull the outer door handle away from the door.
png100-t3-scale100 (2)
Secure the outer edge of the latch panel door and remove the two screws with a Phillips screwdriver. From the outside of the door, pull out the latch plate assembly.
png100-t3-scale100 (2)
Use a Phillips screwdriver to place the two fixed gussets on the door frame counterclockwise, and pull down the door frame.
png100-t3-scale100 (2)
Thread the new latch plate assembly through the hole in the edge of the door and bolt the curved portion of the latch bolt that should point toward the outside of the door. Wood screws attached to the door handle kit.
png100-t3-scale100 (2)
Enter the door from the outside of the car and insert the outside door handle. Usually two sockets, inside the latch holes of the cylinder, will fit. Press down on the doorknob until the cover is close to the door.
png100-t3-scale100 (2)
Insert the door handle into the door from the inside of the door. Two setscrews, holes in the cover plate and screw clockwise to the outer door handle glove, tighten the screws, with a Phillips screwdriver.
png100-t3-scale100 (2)
On the curved side of the jamb on the inside of the jamb, secure the strike plate and the screws that came with the kit.
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