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Door Hinge(or cabinet hinge), as an important furniture accessory connecting the cabinet door and the cabinet, is functionally divided into one way and two way; in terms of material, it is divided into cold-rolled steel and stainless steel. Among them, the hydraulic hinge can bring cushion when the cabinet door is closed.
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One way hinge
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What are the functional characteristics of high-quality hinges?
Door Hinges exist in every corner of our lives, like living room, kitchen, bedroom, everywhere.
1. Smooth Operation: A high-quality hinge should provide smooth and effortless operation, without any sticking or hesitating.
2. Strong and Durable: High-quality hinges are made from robust, dependable materials that can withstand wear and tear over a long period.
3. Load-bearing Capacity: A functional hinge should be able to support the weight of the door or window smoothly.
4. Secure Fastening: A good hinge should stay securely fastened to the door or window it is installed on, without risk of detachment or breakage.
5. Minimal Maintenance: A hinge that requires little or no maintenance is ideal for the optimal performance.
6. Corrosion and Rust-Resistant: A high-quality hinge should be designed using materials that are resistant to corrosion and rust, ensuring they remain functional for a long time.
7. Easily Replaceable Parts: If parts of the hinge malfunction or break, it should be able to be quickly and easily replaced with minimal disruption.
8. Noiseless Operation: The best hinges should operate without creating any unnecessary noise, whether opening or closing.
Improve the home experience

With the improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for home experience are also increasing. The choice of hardware commonly used in the opening and closing of the cabinet at home has also changed from the original simple and crude hinge to a fashionable hinge with cushioning and mute.

The hing appearance is fashionable, the lines are graceful, and the outline is streamlined, which meets the aesthetic standards. The scientific back hook pressing method complies with European safety standards, and the door panel will not fall off accidentally.

The nickel layer on the hing surface is bright, and the 48-hour neutral salt spray test can reach above level 8.

The buffer closing and two-why force opening methods are gentle and silent, which make the door panel will not rebound vigorously when it is opened.

Address special needs

AOSITE cabinet hinge manufacturers, has been focusing on providing professional hardware product solutions for home furnishing companies, and solves the special needs of hardware products for cabinets and wardrobes that are currently customized for individual needs of enterprises.

For example, corner cabinets hinges normally have 30 degrees, 45 degrees, 90 degrees, and 135 degrees. Degrees, 165 degrees, etc., and there are wooden doors, stainless steel doors, aluminum frame doors, glass doors, mirror cabinet doors, etc. All these problems are inseparable from the support of hardware.

Based on 30 years R&D history, AOSITE always can help provide professional advice and solutions for your funiture hardware special needs.

Aosite Hinge Installation
Attach the middle fixture of the positioner to the side plate and mark the hole position of the base. Insert the small post at the other end of the hinge locator into the open screw hole. Connect the door panel to the positioner. Open the cup hole with a hole opener. Adjust the screw position so that the two sides of the cabinet door fit together.
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About the maintenance of the hinge
In daily life, the maintenance of hardware are often neglected. Doing a good job in the daily maintenance of hardware can not only prolong the use time of furniture, but also save the cost of replacing furniture and hareware, and even bring you a comfortable life.
1. Clean the hinge regularly - using a soft cloth and mild soap, wipe off any dirt or debris building up on the hinge.

2. Lubricate the hinge - using a lubricant such as WD-40 or grease, apply a small amount to the hinge to ensure easy movement.

3. Tighten loose screws - if you notice any screws on the hinge are loose, tighten them up with a screwdriver to prevent the hinge from becoming wobbly.

4. Replace damaged parts - if you notice any parts of the hinge are damaged beyond repair (such as bent or broken parts), it may be time to replace the hinge altogether.
Environment and frequency of use
For use in an environment with high humidity such as a bathroom, it is recommended to use a dry soft cloth to wipe the surface of the hinge, and pay attention to strengthening the ventilation frequency to avoid the hinge being exposed to humid air for a long time and accelerate the abrasion damage of the surface coating of the hinge.

In the process of high-frequency use, if the hinges are found to be loose or the door panels are uneven, tools should be used to tighten or adjust them immediately. In addition, it should be noted that during the use of the product, avoid using sharp or hard objects to bump the surface of the hinge, which will cause physical damage to the nickel-plated layer and speed up the loss of the hinge.
Cleaning and dust removal

Under normal usage, the hinge needs to be cleaned and dusted regularly, and lubricating oil can be used for maintenance every 2-3 months to ensure the smooth and quiet use of the hinge, and the surface coating to prevent rust.

In detail, do you have a deeper understanding of the maintenance and maintenance of hinges? In daily life, the maintenance and maintenance of hardware are often neglected. Doing a good job in the daily maintenance of hardware can not only prolong the use time of furniture, but also save the cost of replacing furniture, and even bring you a comfortable life. experience. AOSITE, to provide a better life experience for millions of families!


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