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What are the three common types of drawer rails? How to choose size?
Drawer rails are an indispensable part of furniture. Their purpose is to support drawers and allow them to slide open and close on the surface of the furniture.
2023 09 27
What are the accessories for tatami? Lifts, gas struts and handles
The tatami lift is a piece of equipment designed to improve and enhance the comfort of indoor living. It is a modern lifting table that, once installed on the ground, can be raised and lowered at any time to suit different uses and occasions.
2023 09 27
Types of Kitchen Cabinet Handles & Finishes - Complete Guide
Kitchen handles and finishes are a very important part of kitchen furniture. They not only play a role in beautifying the kitchen space, but also are the key to improving the practicality and ease of use of the kitchen.
2023 09 27
What are the different types of drawer slide extensions?
Drawer slide extension is a very common drawer auxiliary accessory. It is usually used when the length of the drawer slide is insufficient to achieve the need for the drawer to be fully opened.
2023 09 27
How to Install Ball Bearing Slides
Installing drawer slides is one of the very basic home installation skills. Proper installation of the slide rails can increase the life of the drawer and make it easier to open and close.
2023 09 12
How does a drawer slide work?
Drawer slides are a common industrial product widely used in various fields such as furniture, medical equipment, and tool boxes. Its main function is to help the drawer slide open and close, which is convenient for people to use and store various items.
2023 09 12
How To Choose The Best Size Pulls For Your Cabinets
The handle of the cabinet is an item that we often come into contact with in our daily life. It not only plays an aesthetic role, but also needs to have practical functions. So how to determine the size of the cabinet handle? Let's take a look at how to choose the best size pulls for your cabinets.
2023 09 12
How To Choose The Correct Length Full-Extension Drawer Slide
Full extension drawer slides is a very practical home decoration item, which can effectively improve the efficiency of home use.
2023 09 12
What is the difference between a gas spring and a damper?
In the process of furniture design and manufacturing, both pneumatic and hydraulic technologies are widely used.
2023 09 12
Drawer Slides Selection Guide: Types, Features, Applications
Drawer slide technology is one of them. In our daily life and work, drawers are usually essential, and the drawer slides are the components that allow the drawers to be opened and closed flexibly
2023 09 12
How does Tatami System work?
Tatami is characterized by a certain minimalist style, and it also has very high aesthetic value and is loved by more and more people.
2023 09 12
What is the difference between a gas spring and a mechanical spring?
Gas springs and mechanical springs are two commonly used types of springs that differ greatly in structure, function, and use.
2023 09 12
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