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One Way Hinge

AOSITE's one way hydraulic hinge is a convenient and effective solution that allows doors to close softly with its unique force-cushioning hydraulic system, which is made from the finest materials for durability and longevity.
One Way Hinge
1. Nickel plating surface treatment 2. Fixed appearance design 3. The built-in damping
One-way hydraulic damping black cabinet hinge *OEM technical support *48 hours salt& spray test *50,000 times opening and closing *Monthly production capacity 600,0000 pcs *4-6seconds soft closing Product name:One-way hydraulic damping hinge Opening angle:100° Diameter of hinge cup:35mm...
a. Built-in damper mutely soft close b. Slide-on installation fast and convenient c. The built-in damping
Type: Clip on hydraulic damping hinge Opening angle: 100° Diameter of hinge cup: 35mm Finish: Nickel plated Main material: Cold-rolled steel
Diameter of hinge cup: 35mm Applicable panel thickness: 16-22mm Material: Cold rolled steel Arm type: Full cover, Half cover, Insert Base: Linear plate base
Product name:One way three dimensional adjustable linear plate hinge Diameter of hinge cup:35mm Applicable panel thickness:16-22mm Material:Cold rolled steel
*OEM technical support *48 hours salt&spray test *50,000 times opening and closing *Monthly production capacity 600,0000 pcs *4-6 seconds soft closing Detail display a. Selected raw material The hinge theme adopts German standard cold rolled steel,the product is strong and durable b. Sealed...
*3D base/high-quality cold-rolled steel *OEM technical support *Loading capacity 35KG *Monthly capacity 1000000 sets *50000 times cycle test *Quiet and smooth sliding Product features 1. Nickel plating surface treatment 2. Three dimensional adjustment 3. The built-in damping Product details 1....
* Simple style design * Hidden and beautiful * Built-in damper * Three-dimensional adjustment * Super loading capacity
Adjustable cabinet hinges *OEM technical support *48 hours salt&spray test *50,000 times opening and closing *Monthly production capacity 600,0000 pcs *4-6 seconds soft closing Detail display a. Quality steel Selection of cold rolled steel,four layers electroplating process,super rust b....
Detail Display a. Cold rolled steel material Cold-rolled steel material, nickel-plated surface, strong and durable b. Adjust the screw Adjustment screw for extrusion wire cone attack screw, not easy to slide teeth c. Built-in buffer The oil cylinder adopts forged oil cylinder, can withstand...
Opening angle: 100° Diameter of hinge cup: 35mm Cover a regulation: 0-6mm The depth adjustment: -2mm/+2mm
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Why choose One Way Hinge?

One significant advantage of our one way hydraulic hinge over traditional ones is its ability to provide a smooth and controlled closing motion. With a simple touch, the hinge will automatically slow down the door's momentum before gently closing it, preventing any slamming or damage. This makes it an ideal choice for commercial and residential environments where door slams can cause disturbance or injury.

What's more, its superior materials and construction also make it more resistant to wear and tear than standard hinges, which provide a reliable and long-lasting solution for your door-closing needs.

Overall, the one way hydraulic hinge is an exceptional choice for those seeking a comfortable and reliable door-closing solution. With its effortless operation, durability, and outstanding performance, this hinge indisputably surpasses the capabilities of traditional hinges.

Where are one way hydraulic hinges used?

The one way hydraulic hinge, also called a damping hinge, is a type of hinge that provides a noise-absorbing buffer mechanism. This hinge utilizes high-density oil flowing directionally in a closed container to achieve an ideal cushioning effect, which is wodely used in the door connection of wardrobes, bookcases, floor cabinets, TV cabinets, wine cabinets, lockers and other furniture.

The hydraulic buffer hinge relies on a brand-new technology to adapt to the closing speed of the door. The product uses hydraulic buffer technology to make the door close slowly at 45°, reducing the impact force and forming a comfortable closing effect, even if the door is closed with force. The installation of buffer hinges enhances the sophistication of furniture, minimizes impact force, creates a comfortable closing effect, and ensures maintenance-free operation even with long-term use.
In the furniture hinge catalog, you can find basic product information, including some parameters and features, as well as corresponding installation dimensions, which will help you understand it in depth.
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