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AOSITE 3/4 Pull Out Buffer Hidden Slide Rail
With 3 / 4 pull-out buffer and hidden slide rail design, the drawer can be pulled out by up to 3 / 4, and the pull-out length is longer than the traditional 1 / 2, so as to realize space utilization more effectively. In addition, the positioning bolt structure can realize the rapid installation and disassembly of the drawer without gently pressing and pulling with tool.
2023 01 16
AOSITE Three-Fold Under-Mount Drawer Slide
This video shows our high-quality drawer slide. It has super bearing capacity, with a maximum bearing capacity of 35kg. Its push-pull is easy and smooth. After 50000 opening and closing tests, it is still firm and durable to ensure the service life of the slide rail. Also, every push and pull of it is completely silent, very quiet.
2023 01 16
AOSITE Slim Metal Box
Our slim metal box is smooth and silent. It can carry 40kg super dynamic load and 80,000 opening and closing tests. High strength peripheral nylon roller damping ensures that the drawer is still stable and smooth under full load. Moreover, its installation and disassembly are very simple, convenient and practical.
2023 01 16
AOSITE Steel Ball Slide Series
The double spring design ensures the load-bearing capacity and stability of the slide rail in operation to a greater extent, and is durable; Three-section full-pull design, providing more storage space; 35KG load-bearing.
2023 01 16
AOSITE Metal Slim Box
35KG loading capacity; 50,000 times cycle test; Smooth push and pull, silent closing; Quick installation and easy disassembly.
2023 01 16
AOSITE Full Extension Under-Mount Drawer Slide
3D handle design, height adjustable 0-3mm, with ±2mm adjustment space on each side, making the drawer more stable, without tools, you can quickly install and remove the drawer by gently pressing and pulling. 100% pull-out, maximizes the attributes of the drawer space and function, every cost is spent on the blade, the ultimate cost-effective.
2023 01 16
AOSITE Q68 3D Adjustment Hydraulic Hinge
Hinge with model Q68 have 3D adjustment function, quiet and steady, with beautiful shape and fashion design, meeting the international installation standard. It can free stop between 45 degrees-110 degrees, after 45 degrees can buffer automatically and 15 degree small angle buffer that’ s two ways clip on 3D adjustable hydraulic damping hinge.
2023 01 16
AOSITE Q Series Soft-Closing Hinges
AOSITE Hardware was specializing in the production of intelligent hinges for 30 years, this is inseparable soft-closing hinge/Clip-on soft-closing hinge/3D adjustable clip-on soft-closing hinge. The opening and closing test can over 80,000 times and the Salt-spray test can pass 48 hours.
2023 01 16
AOSITE Three-Fold Double Spring Ball Bearing Slide
Double spring design, three-section full-pull design; 35KG load-bearing, thickened main raw material + high-density solid steel ball; Built-in damping system, patented technology, buffer closure, smooth and mute; Quick disassembly switch, convenient for drawer installation.
2023 01 16
AOSITE Cabinet Handle
AOSITE HARDWARE, just for providing you a stable home. Different kinds of light luxurious style furniture handle and cabinet handle & knob, metal material of zinc alloy and brass for your different choose. Now, please take your time to see how to install a handle. Easy to install, save your time, enjoy the life.
2023 01 16
AOSITE Gas Spring Workshop
Among them, our monthly production of gas spring is 1000000 pcs. We have a very strict quality controlling system to promises our product quality. The oil seal of our gas spring are made by imported material. And designed by double seal construction. The open and close test of gas spring reached 80000 times.
2023 01 16
AOSITE Hinge Workshop
The industry's first-class hydraulic equipment and advanced hydraulic technology, the production of integrated hinge components, all for the pursuit the ultimate quality. One-stop assembly workshop, very efficient assembly of perfect hinges. All final packing have to pass mechanical, manual inspection of qualified standards.
2023 01 16
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