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From hardware to whole house custom hardware, build an ecological chain of home hardware industry

From hardware to whole house custom hardware, build an ecological chain of home hardware industry 1

At the China Guangzhou International Furniture Production Equipment and Ingredients Exhibition, which ended in March, more and more large-scale hardware enterprises completed the transformation from single hardware to providing overall hardware solutions. Enterprises provide overall hardware solutions, which not only meet the hardware needs of downstream enterprises to purchase all kinds of furniture in one stop but also reduce costs for customers, improve customer value and boost performance growth.At the same time, this change is also to seize the enthusiasm of large-scale home integration formats such as whole house customization, whole house customization, carrying bags, and integration of doors, walls and cabinets.This change also indicates that the hardware connecting the parts of household products is becoming more and more important.


In recent years, home hardware products have changed the image of being only an accessory of home decoration in the past, and gradually developed from a single decorative function to practical, beautiful and intelligent dimensions with the improvement of consumers' requirements for home quality and life experience. However, for high-definition, light-high-definition household products, if this change is only reflected in color integration, simple design, mild intelligence, more beautiful and so on, it is still far from meeting the needs of such consumers.


The new market demand generated by this new generation of consumers also forces upstream manufacturers and raw material suppliers to constantly carry out product innovation. The development of hardware products is no longer limited to a single product, but has become a linker that can adapt to different home styles and consumer needs.




Therefore, the whole-house customized hardware derived from the whole-house customized market will be a weapon for all major home brands to seize the high-end home decoration, renovation, and rejuvenation market in the future!


Aosite Hardware aims to empower home furnishing enterprises to innovate. By further strengthening its own R&D and design capabilities, it constantly strives to promote the upgrading of new home furnishing products and technologies, provides solutions for the integration of high-end furniture and smart home scenes and technologies in the industry, and promotes the upgrading iteration of home furnishing products.Let users really feel the improvement of the function, value, and comfort brought by hardware products to the home space, and become a powerful helper for home improvement brands to enter the mid-to high-end market!


Aosite in the 135th Canton Fair came to a successful conclusion
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