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Furniture Soft Closing Hinge 1
Furniture Soft Closing Hinge 1

Furniture Soft Closing Hinge

Model number:A08E Type: Clip on hydraulic damping hinge Door thickness: 100° Diameter of hinge cup: 35mm Scope: Cabinets, wood layman Pipe Finish: Nickel plated Main material: Cold-rolled steel


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    Aosite hardware, one of China's slide rail hinge factories, was established in 1993. With its powerful production and complete supporting services of thousands of ordinary and special slide rail hinges, Aosite hardware has been exported to nearly 100 countries and regions around the world,



    Hinge is an indispensable product used in various fields, such as furniture, box, etc. In our daily life, we often see doors and cabinets installed at home, which are what we call hinges.



    With the increasing popularity of panel furniture production line in the furniture industry, the panel furniture industry is becoming more and more popular, which also changes the development trend of the furniture industry. Panel furniture not only has great advantages in price, but also has many advantages that solid wood furniture can't reach in process modeling, disassembly and stability, and these advantages are determined by a lot of panel furniture production line equipment.


    Panel furniture production line equipment can quickly customize furniture according to the decoration preferences of different customers. The shape is full of changes, the appearance is plastic, and the style is changeable. The processing precision is very high. The panel furniture production line is used for cutting and processing, edge banding machine is used for edge banding, numerical control row drill is used for drilling, and various metal hardware is used for connection and assembly. It is very convenient to assemble and disassemble.



    The common substrates of panel furniture are MDF, solid wood particle board, solid wood multi-layer board, Hexiang board, etc. From the world furniture retail market, panel furniture has been the mainstream product for decades, and most residents use panel furniture. Due to the traditional household habits, solid wood furniture has always been preferred, but with the rising cost of home furnishing and young people's pursuit of fashionable life, panel furniture with changeable style has become the favorite home furnishing furniture for young people. The high-precision processing technology of panel furniture production line also improves the modeling of panel furniture.


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    Furniture Soft Closing Hinge 13
    Furniture Soft Closing Hinge 14

    Adjustng the door front/ back

    The size of the gap is regulated 

    by screws.

    Furniture Soft Closing Hinge 15

    Adjusting cover of door

    Left / right deviation screws

     adjust 0-5 mm.

     AOSITE logo

    A clear AOSITE anti-counterfeit

     LOGO is found in the plastic 


    Blank pressing hinge cup

    The design can enable the 

    operation between cabinet door

     and hinge more steady.

    Hydraulic damping system

    Unique closed function, ultra


    Booster arm

    Extra thick steel increase the 

    work ability and service life.


    Furniture Soft Closing Hinge 16

    According to the installation 

    data, drilling at the proper 

    position of door panel.

    Install the hinge cup.
    Furniture Soft Closing Hinge 17

    According to the installation data,

     mounting base to connect the 

    cabinet door.

    Adjust back screw to adapt door


    Check opening and closing. 

    Furniture Soft Closing Hinge 18

    Furniture Soft Closing Hinge 19

    Furniture Soft Closing Hinge 20

    Furniture Soft Closing Hinge 21

    Furniture Soft Closing Hinge 22

    Furniture Soft Closing Hinge 23

    Furniture Soft Closing Hinge 24

    Furniture Soft Closing Hinge 25

    Furniture Soft Closing Hinge 26

    Furniture Soft Closing Hinge 27

    Furniture Soft Closing Hinge 28

    Furniture Soft Closing Hinge 29

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