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Aluminum Frame Hinge1 1

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    Light luxury and simple style is the popular trend of home improvement in recent years. Aluminum frame hinge + glass door seems to be an answer to light luxury aesthetics. Without complicated luxury, modern and simple background colors can harmonize the quality of life.

    Not only the appearance, the function is more powerful.

    -Multilayer material

    -Fine workmanship

    -High quality steel

    -Mute system

    -Super anti-rust

    -Hydraulic buffer opening and closing


    Dedicated hinge, the best partner

    For the cabinet door, the quality of the hinge directly affects the smoothness of the closet door and the tightness of the cabinet door. The corresponding aluminum frame door is naturally the aluminum frame hinge, and AQ88 is the perfect solution for the aluminum frame door.


    Buffer resistance arm, uniform opening and closing force, increase the service life of aluminum frame door

    Super anti-rust function, all-round professional test, longer use, safer and more reliable

    48 hours salt spray test, 50,000 load opening and closing tests


    Hydraulic buffer damping system, sealed hydraulic transmission, light opening and closing sound, not easy to leak oil, long damping service life


    Efficient buffering, rejecting violence, hydraulic technology and damping system effectively alleviate the impact of opening and closing the door


    Aluminum Frame Hinge1 5

    Adjusting the door and cover of door

    The size of the gap is regulated by screws,front/back adjustment -3mm/+4mm

    Left/right deviation screws adjust 0-5mm

    Extra thick steel sheet

    The thickness of hinge from us is double than current market,which can strength the service life of hinge.

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    Booster arm

    Extra thick steel increase the work ability and service life

    Hydraulic cylinder

    Hydraulic buffer makes a better effect of a quiet environment.

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