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Cupboard Hinges 1
Cupboard Hinges 1

Cupboard Hinges

Model number:AQ820 Type: Inseparable hydraulic damping hinge (two-way) Opening angle: 110° Diameter of hinge cup: 35mm Scope: Cabinets,wardrobe Finish: Nickel plated Main material: Cold-rolled steel


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    Cupboard Hinges 2

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    Cupboard Hinges 4


    Inseparable hydraulic damping hinge (two-way)

    Opening angle


    Diameter of hinge cup





    Nickel plated

    Main material

    Cold-rolled steel

    Door thickness


    Cover space adjustment


    The depth adjustment

    -2mm/ +2mm

    Base adjustment (up/down)

    -2mm/ +2mm

    Articulation cup altitude


    Door drilling size


    Door thickness


    Product advantage:

    50000+ Times Lift Cycle Test

    26 years of factory experience brings you quality products and first-class service



    Functional description:

     Designed for a full overlay, these concealed hinges are allow any level to do away with the heavy slamming of cabinet doors. The complete overlay leaves your cabinets with a sleek modern look.

    Hinge is a mechanical device used to connect two solids and allow relative rotation between them. The 

    hinge may be formed of a movable component or a foldable material. Hinges are mainly installed on 

    doors and windows, while hinges are more installed on cabinet doors. In fact, hinges and hinges are 

    actually different. According to the classification of materials, they are mainly divided into stainless steel

     hinges and iron hinges. In order to make people enjoy better, hydraulic hinges (also called damping 

    hinges) appear. The invention is characterized in that a buffering function is brought when the cabinet 

    door is closed, and noise generated by collision between the cabinet door and the cabinet body when

     the cabinet door is closed is reduced to the greatest extent.


    Cupboard Hinges 5

     U location hole 


    Two layers of nickel plating surface treatment

    Cupboard Hinges 6
    Cupboard Hinges 7

    High strength Cold-rolled steel forging molding


    Booster Arm

    Extra thick steel sheet increase the work ability and service life.

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    Cupboard Hinges 11

    Cupboard Hinges 12

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    The coverage of AOSITE dealers in the first and second-tier cities in China has been up to 90%. Moreover, its international sales network has covered all seven continents, gaining support and recognition from both domestic and foreign high-end customers, thus becoming long-term strategic cooperation partners of numerous domestic well-known custom-made furniture brands. 

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