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Half Overlay Hinge 1
Half Overlay Hinge 1

Half Overlay Hinge

Type: Clip on 3D hydraulic damping hinge (two-way) Opening angle: 110° Diameter of hinge cup: 35mm Scope: Cabinets, wood layman Finish: Nickel plated and Copper plated Main material: Cold-rolled steel


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    Half Overlay Hinge 4


    Clip on 3D hydraulic damping hinge (two-way)

    Opening angle


    Diameter of hinge cup



    Cabinets, wood layman


    Nickel plated and Copper plated

    Main material

    Cold-rolled steel

    Cover space adjustment


    The depth adjustment


    Base adjustment (up/down)


    Articulation cup altitude


    Door drilling size


    Door thickness


    Product advantage:

    Agency market protection

    48 Hours Salt-spray Test

    With Two-Way closing mechanism

    Functional description:

    AQ868 3D adjustable damping Hinge has the liberty to make proper adjustments to your cabinet door with  3-Dimensional Adjustment feature. The direct adjustment features makes its easy to align door depth. A special guard prevents the overlay adjustment screw from accidentally coming undone. Mounting plates are available that permit time-saving height adjustment by cam screw.

    Hinge Surface

    Material is the most critical factor affecting a hinge. The hinge punched out of high-quality steel is flat and smooth, with delicate hand feeling, thick and even, and soft color. But the inferior steel, obviously can see the surface rough, uneven, even with impurities.


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    AOSITE furniture hardware manufacturer tried and proven cabinet hinges offer the right solution for many applications. Robust construction, reliable operation, and economical price are characteristic of this series. Assembly is quick and easy with their snap-on hinge-to-mount attachment.

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