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Two Way Hydraulic Hinge 1
Two Way Hydraulic Hinge 1

Two Way Hydraulic Hinge

Model number:AQ-862 Type: Clip on hydraulic damping hinge (two-way) Opening angle: 110° Diameter of hinge cup: 35mm Scope: Cabinets, wood layman Finish: Nickel plated and Copper plated Main material: Cold-rolled steel


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    Clip on hydraulic damping hinge (two-way)

    Opening angle


    Diameter of hinge cup



    Cabinets, wood layman


    Nickel plated and Copper plated

    Main material

    Cold-rolled steel

    Cover space adjustment


    The depth adjustment


    Base adjustment (up/down)


    Articulation cup altitude


    Door drilling size


    Door thickness





    Soft-close with locking devices.


    AQ862 is one kind of very good price-performance ratio. Featuring low friction bearings for smooth door opening, it offers reliable maintenance free operation. The hinge body is an cold-roll steel construction.


    The hinge material is related to the opening and closing service life of the cabinet door, and it is easy to lean back and forth and loosen and droop if the quality is poor and used for a long time. Cold rolled steel is almost used for hardware of large brand cabinet doors, which is stamped and formed in one step, with thick hand feeling and smooth surface. Moreover, due to the thick surface coating, it is not easy to rust, strong and durable, and has strong bearing capacity. However, inferior hinges are usually made of thin sheet metal and have almost no resilience. If they take a little longer, they will lose elasticity, resulting in the doors not being tightly closed or even cracking.


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