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Drawer Slide Rail 1
Drawer Slide Rail 1

Drawer Slide Rail

Product name:NB45102 Type: Three-fold soft closing ball bearing slides Loading capacity: 45kgs Optional size: 250mm-600 mm Installation gap: 12.7±0.2 mm Pipe Finish: Zinc-plated/ Electrophoresis black Material: Reinforced cold rolled steel sheet Thickness: 1.0*1.0*1.2 mm/ 1.2*1.2*1.5mm Function: Smooth opening, quiet experience


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    Three-fold soft closing ball bearing slides

    Loading capacity


    Optional size

    250mm-600 mm

    Installation gap

    12.7±0.2 mm

    Pipe Finish

    Zinc-plated/ Electrophoresis black


    Reinforced cold rolled steel sheet


    1.0*1.0*1.2 mm/ 1.2*1.2*1.5 mm


    Smooth opening, quiet experience

    NB45102 Drawer Slide Rail

    *Push and pull smoothly and gently

    *Solid steel ball design, smooth and stability

    *Buffer closure without noise

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    Slide Rails Installed On Furniture Drawers

    If the hinge is the heart of the cabinet, then the slide rail is the kidney. Whether the drawers, large and small, can be pushed and pulled freely and smoothly and how much weight they bear depends on the support of sliding rails. Judging from the current technology, the bottom slide rail is better than the side slide rail, and the overall connection with the drawer is better than the three-point connection. The material, principle, structure and technology of drawer slide rail vary greatly. High quality slide rail has small resistance, long service life and smooth drawer.

    Drawer Slide Rail 14

    *What are the thicknesses of steel ball slide rails? What are its functions respectively? What are the different plating colors?

    Thickness: (1.0*1.0*1.2) (1.2*1.2*1.5)

    Functions: 1. Ordinary three-section steel ball slide rail does not have buffer

    2. Three-section damping steel ball slide rail has buffer effect

    3. Three-section rebound steel ball slide rail

    Electroplating color: 1. Galvanizing. 2. Electrophoretic Black

    Our slides have Ball Bearing and Luxury Drawer series, including full extension and half extension, with the function of soft and quite. We can offer 10 inch to 24 inch for your choice.

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