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Kitchen Ball Bearing Slide 1
Kitchen Ball Bearing Slide 1

Kitchen Ball Bearing Slide

Whether you’re updating your kitchen or outfitting new cabinetry, selecting the right drawer slide can seem like a daunting task. How do you choose from all the options? Here’s a quick introduction to the basic characteristics of drawer slides, as well as some of the features and benefits of...


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    Installation method of drawer slide rail advantages of drawer slide rail

    The structure of drawer slide rail includes fixed rail, movable rail, middle rail, ball, clutch and buffer. Buffer is the key part of damping slide rail. It is installed in fixed rail and consists of shell, piston rod and piston. When the drawer is opened and closed, the piston rod drives the piston to move, and the liquid in the slide rail of the drawer will flow from the through hole on the piston to the other side, so as to play a buffer role.

    The drawer slide rail uses hydraulic deceleration in the design, which can effectively reduce the impact force, so that the drawer will not suddenly close, causing damage to the furniture. And when the switch will not make noise, forming a soft and silent comfort. The drawer installed with drawer slide rail can be used very well when it is closed, and it has a long service life without maintenance.

    This is the installation and use of drawer slide products introduced by Xiaobian. You can see that the installation of drawer slide is relatively simple, and you can basically master it. Of course, if you can't install it yourself, you can also ask a professional master to install it. The installation cost of drawer slide is also very appropriate, I hope the installation method of drawer slide introduced here can help you to have a better help for the installation of drawer slide.


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    Solid Bearing

    2 balls in a group opening smooth steadily, which can reduce the resistance.

    Anti-Collision Rubber

    Super strong anti-collision rubber, keeping safety in opening and closing.

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    Proper Splitted Fastener

    Install and remove drawers through fastener, which is a bridge between slide and drawer.

    Three Sections Extension

    Full extension improve the utilization of drawer space.

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    Extra Thickness Material

    Extra thickness steel is more durable and strong loading.

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