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Product: Full Extension hidden damping slide Load bearing: 35kg Length: 250-550mm Facility: With automatic damping off function Applicable scope: all kinds of the drawer Material: Zinc plated steel sheet Tnstallation: No need for tools, can quickly install and remove the drawer


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    With the improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for the use and experience of home decoration products are higher and higher. More beautiful, better sense of experience of home products and accessories began to get more consumers. More and more people choose and use the slide rail of the third generation of hidden bottom drawer. So what are the advantages and characteristics of the third generation of hidden bottom drawer slide? Is it worth choosing and using?


    Advantages and features of the following hidden drawer slide rails:


    1、 The inner and outer rails of the hidden slide rail are made of galvanized steel plate, which is more stable and has better load-bearing performance!


    2、 The hidden slide rail drawer is installed on the top of the slide rail. The slide rail can't be seen when the drawer is opened, so the overall appearance is more beautiful. The slide rail holds the drawer in the front of the lower part, which makes the drawer more stable when pulling and less sway.


    3、 The inner rail and the outer rail of the hidden slide rail are closely matched and connected by multiple rows of plastic rollers. When pulling, the slide is smoother and quieter.


    4、 The hidden slide adopts a longer and thicker damper, which has a longer buffer stroke than the traditional second generation damping slide. When the drawer is closed, the buffering experience is better.


    5、 The hidden slide rail can be disassembled after installation, and the installation and debugging is more convenient than the second generation slide rail. After installation, because of the cleaning needs of the drawer, non professionals can also easily disassemble and install the drawer by adjusting the handle.


    6、 The hidden slide rail is made of galvanized steel, which does not pollute the production environment and household environment. Green environmental protection!


    The hidden slide is divided into two sections and three sections. Regular sizes range from 10 inches to 22 inches. Generally 10 inch to 14 inch is mainly used in bathroom cabinet drawer, 16 inch to 22 inch is mainly used in cabinet and wardrobe drawer.


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    *Soft Closing Slide Inside

    The drawer with soft closing slide inside, make sure the process of operation quiet and smooth.

    *Three Sections Extention

    Three sections design to extend drawing to meet more demands.

    *Galvanized Steel Sheet

    Make sure the switch is soft and quiet.

    *Running Silence

    The integrated soft-closing mechanism lets drawer close gentle and quietly.


    Turnover to embed wood panel

    Screw up and install accessories on the panel

    Combine the two panels

    Drawer installed

    Install the slide rail

    Find the hidden lock catch to connect the drawer and slide

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