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Dessing-table Gas Spring 1
Dessing-table Gas Spring 1

Dessing-table Gas Spring

Type: Tatami free stop gas spring Force: 80N-180N Center to center: 358mm Stroke: 149mm Rod finish: Ridgid chromium plating Pipe finish: Health paint surface Main material: 20# Finishing tube


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    Dessing-table Gas Spring 2

    Dessing-table Gas Spring 3

    Dessing-table Gas Spring 4


    Tatami free stop gas spring



    Center to center




    Rod finish

    Ridgid chromium plating

    Pipe finish

    Health paint surface

    Main material

    20# Finishing tube

    CK Dressing-table Gas Spring

    *Easy to install and disassemble, sturdy and durable

    *Special support for dressing table

    *Small-angle with soft-closing

    Gas Spring are popular with clients for it’s superior quality, with strength of protect the cabinet door, specialized for Kitchen cabinet, Toy box, various of up and down cabinet doors. Especially this one is specially designed for dressing table.


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    Dessing-table Gas Spring 7Dessing-table Gas Spring 8
    Dessing-table Gas Spring 9Dessing-table Gas Spring 10
    Dessing-table Gas Spring 11Dessing-table Gas Spring 12


    Dessing-table Gas Spring 13Applicable installation method
    The height of the tatami door:500-800mm range.Cabinet depth of not less than 100mm.
    Applicable installation method
    The height of the tatami door:300-500mm rangeCabinet depth of not less than 300mm
    Dessing-table Gas Spring 14
    Dessing-table Gas Spring 15

    Installation Instructions

    The base plate of support rod is divided into right and left symmetry, and the others is consistent ; install hinges first. (except for positioning and punching)


    There' s high voltage devices inside products, Non professional maintenance personnel shall not be dismantled in private; This installation takes 18mm thick wooden doors as an sample, the others need to match in accordance with the reality; The top cover is divided into full overlay and half overlay, etc, There is a difference in the size of installation, Installation size takes full overlay as an sample, The others specifications need to be corrected for the top of mounting holes. Install the tatami cabinets, cabinet depth of not less than 300mm.

    Dessing-table Gas Spring 16

    Dessing-table Gas Spring 17

    Dessing-table Gas Spring 18

    Dessing-table Gas Spring 19

    Dessing-table Gas Spring 20

    Dessing-table Gas Spring 21

    Dessing-table Gas Spring 22

    Dessing-table Gas Spring 23

    Dessing-table Gas Spring 24

    Dessing-table Gas Spring 25

    Dessing-table Gas Spring 26

    Dessing-table Gas Spring 27

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