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Furniture Handle For Drawer 1
Furniture Handle For Drawer 1

Furniture Handle For Drawer

Brand: aosite Origin: Zhaoqing, Guangdong Material: Brass Scope: cabinets, drawers, wardrobes Packing: 50pc/ CTN, 20pc/ CTN, 25pc/ CTN Feature: Easy Installation Style: Unique Function: Push Pull Decoration


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    Zhaoqing, Guangdong




    Cabinets, drawers, wardrobes


    50pc/ CTN, 20pc/ CTN, 25pc/ CTN


    Easy Installation




    Push Pull Decoration

    Cupboard door handle, perhaps people are not unfamiliar, equivalent to open the cupboard of a "key", although not very eye-catching, but usually use it is quite a lot. Whether it's a wardrobe or a cabinet, we usually install handles when we make and design. If they don't have a handle, it will be very inconvenient to use, and even can't better open the cabinet door. The quality of the handle will not only directly affect the convenience of the use of the cabinet, will affect our sense of comfort, but also affect the beauty and decoration of the cabinet.


    1. Aluminum alloy handle


       it is widely used in various materials. It's economical, solid and durable. Even if the aluminum alloy handle is used for a long time, it won't fade. In the process technology, the aluminum alloy handle is multi-layer electroplating technology, which can make the surface process of the cabinet door handle more fine and has good wear resistance. Aluminum alloy handle has simple and generous shape, good oil resistance, and is suitable for kitchen, and also convenient for cleaning and maintenance.


    2. Stainless steel handle


       whether it is home decoration or tooling, this kind of material handle is used more. It has one of the biggest advantages, that is, it will not rust, so even in the kitchen or toilet this wet, large water use of the place, it will not rust. Stainless steel handle's appearance is generous and durable, simple and fashionable, and the design is exquisite and compact, which is very suitable for modern simple style kitchen.


    3. Copper handle


       generally speaking, the handle made of this material looks more retro, so it is widely used in Chinese or classical style. The colors of copper handle include bronze, brass, bronze and so on. Its color and texture can give us a strong sense of impact. The simple ancient temperament of copper, unique pattern processing, and the delicacy of each place can make us enjoy the luxury of combining classic and fashion.


    The following is our factory's pure copper handle, solid solid solid, like you can consult us.


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    Smooth Texture







    Precision interface

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    Pure copper solid





    Hidden hole

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    1.Fine Craftwork and Professional bedroom furniture hardwares pull handles Manufacture Technology.

    2. Bedroom furniture hardwares pull handles have professional sales team and 24 hours Reply.

    3. Cabinet door handles use brass, and having our professional designer, customer' s design is 


    4. We are bedroom furniture hardwares pull handles manufacturer, have a low factory price, and high



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    Q: How can I visit your factory or office?

    A: Welcome you visit our factory or office for business negotiation. Please try to contact our staff first by email or telephone. We will make the soonest appointment and arrangement the pick up.

    Q: May I get your sample for free?

    A: Sure, you will get our free sample. But the freight should be paid under your freight collected account in the first cooperation.

    Q: How long does the normal delivery time take?

    A: About 45 days.

    Q: What kind of payments does support?

    A: T/T.

    Q: Do you offer ODM services?

    A: Yes, ODM is welcome.


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    If you have any questions about our products or services, feel free to reach out to customer service team.
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