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3d Adjustable Kitchen Hinge 1
3d Adjustable Kitchen Hinge 1

3d Adjustable Kitchen Hinge

Hinge is one of the commonly used hardware for panel furniture, wardrobe, cabinet door. The quality of hinges directly affects the use of wardrobe cabinets and doors. Hinges are mainly divided into stainless steel hinges, steel hinges, iron hinges, nylon hinges and zinc alloy hinges according to...


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    If you are a furniture installation master, you will have the same feeling. When you install some cabinet doors, such as wardrobe doors, cabinet doors, TV cabinet doors, it is difficult to install the hinges without gaps at one time. When you install the cabinet door hinges, you need to debug to solve the problem of large gaps in the cabinet door. At this time, we need to understand the hinge structure, In order to better understand the cabinet door gap hinge adjustment method is how?

    1、 Hinge structure

    1. The hinge can be divided into three main structures: hinge head (iron head), body and base.

    A. Base: the main function is to fix and lock the door panel on the cabinet

    B. Iron head: the main function of iron head is to fix the door panel

    C. Noumenon: mainly related to the number of gates

    2. Other hinge accessories: connecting piece, spring piece, U-shaped nail, rivet, spring, adjusting screw, base screw.

    A. Shrapnel: it is used to strengthen the load of the connecting piece and produce the function of opening and closing the door in combination with the spring

    B. Spring: it is responsible for the tensile strength of the door when it is closed

    C. U-shaped nails and rivets: used to combine iron head, connecting piece, shrapnel and body

    D. Connecting piece: the key to bear the weight of door panel

    E. Adjusting screw: as the function of adjusting the cover door, it is used in combination with hinge and base

    F. Base screw: used in combination of hinge and base

    2、 Adjustment method of large hinge for cabinet door gap

    1. Depth adjustment: direct and continuous adjustment through eccentric screw.

    2. Spring force adjustment: in addition to the common three-dimensional adjustment, some hinges can also adjust the closing and opening force of the door. Generally, the maximum force required by tall and heavy doors is taken as the base point. When it is applied to narrow doors and glass doors, it is necessary to adjust the spring force. By rotating a circle of hinge adjusting screws, the spring force can be reduced to 50%.

    3. Height adjustment: the height can be adjusted accurately through the adjustable hinge base.

    4. Door coverage distance adjustment: if the screw turns right, the door coverage distance will be reduced (-) if the screw turns left, the door coverage distance will be increased (+). So the adjustment of the cabinet door hinge is not very difficult, as long as you know in advance how the hinge structure is, what role each hinge structure plays, and then adjust the cabinet door with large gap according to the hinge adjustment method. If you are not a furniture fitter, you can learn.

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