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Normal Ball Bearing Slides 1
Normal Ball Bearing Slides 1

Normal Ball Bearing Slides

Whether you’re updating your kitchen or outfitting new cabinetry, selecting the right drawer slide can seem like a daunting task. How do you choose from all the options? Here’s a quick introduction to the basic characteristics of drawer slides, as well as some of the features and benefits of...


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    Three section steel ball slide rail is one of the Normal Ball Bearing Slides. As a popular drawer slide rail product, it is very easy for insiders to install, but it may be a headache for outsiders. So today I will introduce and explain the installation method of three section steel ball slide rail in detail.


    1. Determine the cabinet depth of the drawer (the cabinet depth must be more than 10 mm on the basis of the length and width of the drawer, as shown in the figure below, the drawer is 500 mm, and the cabinet depth must be more than 510 mm).


    2. Taking the drawer with 510mm in length and width as an example, the length and width of the selected three section steel ball slide should be 500mm (20 inches).


    3. The Normal Ball Bearing Slides only needs to be fixed with two screws. First, measure the position of the first hole for the drawer. In order to make the drawer have space for movement, more 2mm should be reserved. The upper and lower positions should be subject to the actual drawer design.


    4. For the second screw hole position, draw a balance line on the first hole position, and tap it with screws according to the actual hole position on the slide rail, so as to complete the hole position marking of the inner rail on both sides.


    5. The inner rail installation is basically the same as step 3


    6. After marking the position, separate the inner rail and outer rail of the slide rails on both sides


    7. After the rail is separated, align the marked position with the rail, and then install the screw.


    8. After the screw is installed, align the inner rail and outer rail of the slide rail and push them forward.


    9. Now your drawer can be pushed and pulled freely. At this point, the installation of Three Drawer steel ball slide rails is completed.

    The slide rail demonstrated above is a 45 wide three section steel ball slide rail.


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    Solid Bearing

    2 balls in a group opening smooth steadily, which can reduce the resistance.

    Anti-Collision Rubber

    Super strong anti-collision rubber, keeping safety in opening and closing.

    Normal Ball Bearing Slides 7Normal Ball Bearing Slides 8

    Proper Splitted Fastener

    Install and remove drawers through fastener, which is a bridge between slide and drawer.

    Three Sections Extension

    Full extension improve the utilization of drawer space.

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    Extra Thickness Material

    Extra thickness steel is more durable and strong loading.

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