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Cabinet Gas Spring For Kitchen 1
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Cabinet Gas Spring For Kitchen

Elastic Lift Force of Gas Spring The gas spring is filled with non-toxic nitrogen at higher pressure. This creates an inflation pressure that acts on the cross section of the piston rod. The elastic force is generated in this way. If the elastic force of the gas spring is higher than the force...


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    The paint color and smoothness of the air support cylinder end, such as some poor quality air support manufacturers will ignore these small problems. Professional air support manufacturers will pay attention to every detail of the product, so they can pay a little attention to the selection.


    1. The gas spring piston rod must be installed downward, not upside down, so as to reduce the friction and ensure the damping quality and cushioning performance. 2. Determining the installation position of the fulcrum is the guarantee for the correct operation of the gas spring. The gas spring must be installed in the correct way, that is, when it is closed, let it move over the structural line, otherwise, the gas spring will often automatically push the door open. 3. The gas spring should not be affected by the inclined force or transverse force in the work. It shall not be used as handrail. 4. In order to ensure the reliability of the seal, the surface of the piston rod shall not be damaged, and it is strictly forbidden to apply paint and chemicals on the piston rod. It is also not allowed to install the gas spring at the required position before spraying or painting. 5. The gas spring is a high-pressure product. It is strictly forbidden to dissect, bake and smash at will. 6. It is forbidden to rotate the gas spring piston rod to the left. If it is necessary to adjust the direction of the connector, only turn it to the right. 7. Ambient temperature: - 35 ℃ - 70 ℃. 8. The connection point should be installed flexibly without jamming. 9. The selection size should be reasonable, the force should be appropriate, and the stroke size of piston rod should have 8 mm allowance.


    It is recommended to use the air support of Italian brand Aosite. The air support of this company has damping and no sound when closing the door. The quality is also good. The manufacturer of 28 years has patented the internal design of the air support, with silent performance.

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