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Kitchen Undermount Drawer Slide 1
Kitchen Undermount Drawer Slide 1

Kitchen Undermount Drawer Slide

Loading capacity: 35kgs Length: 250mm-550mm Function: With automatic damping off function Applicable scope: all kinds of the drawer Material: Zinc plated steel sheet Tnstallation: No need for tools, can quickly install and remove the drawer


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    Product name

    Half Extension hidden damping slide

    Loading capacity





    With automatic damping off function

    Applicable scope

    All kinds of the drawer


    Zinc plated steel sheet


    No need for tools, can quickly install and remove the drawer

    UP02 Half Pull Hidden Damping Slide

    *45kg Dynamic load bearing

    *Hidden damping Silent buffering

    *Easy to store and extract things


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    Well known manufacturer of slide rail: Hidden damping slide rail, stamping parts need a high degree of automation, hydraulic damping rod needs a high degree of automation to ensure its stability. For the general small slide rail manufacturers, it is difficult to ensure the success of one-time mold opening for the research and development of hidden damping slide rail. However, the failure of mold development is a little worse, which means that more than one million mold costs will be wasted. If the mould is modified after production, there will also be a large amount of cost investment. Therefore, even if the general small enterprises know that their products are defective, they may not easily improve due to the lack of funds and the uncertainty of the market. At the same time, there are few slide rail enterprises that can produce both stamping parts and hydraulic damping rod. Generally, they adopt purchased parts, which will lead to instability and uncontrollability of products. The strength of the well-known manufacturers of slide rail in ensuring the quality of this advantage is self-evident.


    Aosit two section damping hidden rail can't easily see the slide rail in the drawer from the side. It's very smooth and quiet when it's pushed forward, and it's extremely easy when it's pulled out, which is the reason why the high-grade two section damping slide rail is liked.


    The bottom slide rail is also known as buffer slide rail, damping slide rail and silent slide rail. Its advantages are smooth operation, self-locking and silent closing, bringing quiet enjoyment! Is now the most respected wear-resistant nylon slide rail, nylon slide rail can ensure that the cabinet drawer when pulled out smooth and quiet, soft rebound. Now most of the middle and high-end furniture in developed countries in Europe and America use this kind of slide rail, which is the hidden damping slide rail that we often talk about.

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