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What are the different parts of a door handle? How to maintain it?


Door handles are one of the items that we often come into contact with in our daily lives. They not only facilitate us to open and close doors and windows, but also beautify them. Door handles can be roughly divided into the following parts: handle stem, handle base, pattern plate, fixing screws and other assembly auxiliary parts. Let’s analyze the different parts of the door handle one by one.

 What are the different parts of a door handle? How to maintain it? 1

1. Handlebar

The handle bar is the main part of the door handle. Its main function is to provide a grip position and make the door handle more convenient and reliable. There are many types of handlebar shapes, including straight bars, curved bars, pocket bars, wavy bars, etc. Handlebars of different shapes can meet the needs of different people.

The handles are generally made of stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper, iron, etc. Stainless steel handles are corrosion-resistant and easy to clean, while copper handles are rich in texture and are suitable for houses with higher-end decoration styles. The surface treatment of the handle bar generally includes brushing, polishing, electroplating, etc. Different treatment methods will also affect the aesthetics and texture of the door handle.

2. Handle seat

The handle seat is the part of the handle bar that is connected to the door, and its shape and size generally match the handle bar. The material of the handle seat is generally the same as the handle bar. Handle seats of different materials have differences in strength, corrosion resistance, etc.

3. Pattern board

The pattern plate is the decorative part of the door handle. It is generally used together with the door handle to play a better decorative role. Pattern boards come in various shapes and materials, including copper, iron, wood, acrylic, etc.

The production process of pattern boards is very complex and requires precise metal processing or engraving techniques. The handlebars combined with the pattern plate usually use modern CNC machining technology, which can produce exquisite handles that match the pattern plate.

4. Fixing screws and other assembly auxiliary parts

Fixing screws and other assembly auxiliary parts can ensure that the door handle is firmly installed on the door and avoid shaking or deformation during use. Fixing screws are generally made of stainless steel, copper, steel and other materials, and the surface treatment is generally galvanized, copper plated, etc.

Assembly auxiliary parts such as screws, washers, and nuts of different materials and processing methods can make the door handle better adapt to different usage environments and different installation positions of doors and windows.


The different parts of the door handle play a very important role in the use of the door handle. From the aspects of door handle design, manufacturing and installation, the design and material selection of different parts can meet people's needs for door handles from different angles and improve the door handle's use experience and decorative effect.

Door handles are an important part of the landscape. Door handles are often used and will become rusty, damaged and dirty due to long-term wear and tear, affecting their appearance and practicality. Correct maintenance methods can make the door handle durable and increase its service life. The following are several tips for door handle maintenance.

1. Clean door handles regularly

Door handles should be cleaned at least once a week and immediately when needed to prevent dirt from accumulating on the door handle and damaging its surface. Cleaning door handles with warm water and soap is a simple and effective way. Use a soft cloth to wipe the door handle, avoid using rough items like brushes, as this can damage the surface and leave scratches.

2. Remove rust

Rust may appear on the door handles, which will make the surface rough and prone to peeling. Using proper cleaning and care methods can make your door handles look like new again. You can use acidic cleaners, such as white vinegar, lemon juice, etc., to smear it on the door handle, and then wipe it with a soft cloth to remove rust. However, please pay attention to safety issues during use, and make sure the door handle is dry after cleaning.

3. Use maintenance agent

Applying a layer of maintenance agent to the surface of the door handle can effectively prevent stains and rust. These maintenance agents can not only protect the door handle from aging, but also keep it shiny and increase its service life. Door handle care agent is easy to use, just apply it to the surface of the door handle device and wipe dry with a soft cloth. When applying maintenance agent, you need to pay special attention to the material of the door handle and choose a suitable maintenance agent to avoid damaging the surface.

4. Pay attention to greasy hands

Before using a door handle, wash your hands frequently to remove any grease from your hands, as grease can clog the cracks and gaps in the door handle, thereby weakening the door handle's durability. In addition, try to avoid using gloves on door handles unless necessary, as they can easily abrade leather or rubber parts and plastics and affect the aesthetics.

It is important to maintain door handles because door handles are subject to wear and tear due to frequent use. Proper maintenance can keep your door handles looking good and lasting longer. For those who are in need of new door handles or replacements, it is recommended to find a reliable door handle supplier who offers high-quality products at reasonable prices. The tips for maintaining door handles provided above are recommended for every owner to follow carefully to make the door handle last longer and contribute to the beauty and long-term use of the home.

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