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What are the three types of door handles?


Furniture door handles are something we come into contact with every day, but do you know what three types of door handles there are? Let’s find out together below!

 What are the three types of door handles? 1

1. Metal door handle

Metal door handles are a relatively common type. They have the characteristics of high hardness, good wear resistance, and are difficult to damage. At the same time, their surfaces can also be colored and treated to ensure the diversity of the door handle's appearance and color and its longevity. extend. Metal door handles also have good anti-fouling and anti-corrosion properties, and are not prone to rust when exposed to oxidation, which is one of the reasons for their high value.

2. Plastic door handles

Plastic door handles are another common type. This type of door handle has the characteristics of light weight, easy installation, good insulation performance, etc. At the same time, the cost is relatively low and there are many types. Plastic door handles of different materials can adapt to different climates and environments, but they also need to be cleaned regularly to avoid discoloration, deformation, damage, etc. in appearance.

3. Glass door handle

Relatively speaking, glass door handles are relatively rare, but their appearance and practical performance are excellent. Glass door handles are lightweight, easy to clean, and resistant to fading, making them widely used in commercial spaces and homes. The design of glass door handles is also very diverse, and you can choose a variety of shapes and colors, which is very creative.

In general, door handles made of different materials have their own characteristics. We can choose the right door handle according to our own needs to maximize the effect of home decoration and use. If you are interested in this knowledge, you can learn more about door handles, which will definitely bring more beautiful changes to your home decoration and life!

In fact, door handles have a history of hundreds of years. Over time, door handles have continued to change and evolve. In this article, we will explore the historical evolution of furniture door handles and learn about their creation and evolution.

The first thing we need to understand is the origin of door handles. Door handles started out as simple devices, they were originally made of leather or fabric. This simple door handle was used to support the opening and closing of the door, but over time the design became more refined and modern. This change began in the 18th century when door handle materials began to shift from leather and fabric to metal and glass.

Over time, door handle materials, shapes, and designs have continued to change. In the 19th century, cast iron door handles were very popular, and they were often decorated with birds, animals, and other patterns. In the early 20th century, door handle materials shifted to steel and cast aluminum, which made door handles stronger and more durable. The decoration of door handles also uses more simple and smooth lines and geometric patterns.

Today, door handles have become an important part of furniture design and can match different materials and decor styles. This door handles not only provide practicality but also add a beautiful atmosphere to the room.

The evolution of door handles also reflects the evolution of furniture design. In the past, furniture focused more on practicality and functionality. However, in modern society, furniture design has become an important art form. Furniture designers think about how to combine the functionality of furniture with its appearance and aesthetics to create a good overall effect.

Of course, the beauty and practicality of furniture door handles don't have to be mutually exclusive. Today's door handles are no longer just a device for convenient indoor opening and closing of doors but have also become a decorative part and an element that highlights personality. The design and style of door handles can be sophisticated and graceful, or they can be simple, modern, and functional. Today's furniture door handles can even be customized and designed according to the needs of the user to meet individual needs.

In today's design, door handles have become an item that can highlight the owner's taste, a home decoration that can reflect life taste and spiritual pursuits. Therefore, by constantly optimizing the design and aesthetics of door handles, furniture designers provide us with a better design and use experience.

All in all, the historical evolution of door handles is an interesting subject in home decoration. From the earliest simple devices to the current works of art and psychological activities, the evolution of door handles has not only brought us practicality and convenience but also demonstrated the diversity and aesthetics of furniture design. In the future, the design and function of door handles will continue to innovate and evolve rapidly. We can expect that more wonderful door handle styles will be launched one after another, and will highlight the owner's interest and freedom.

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