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What is the difference between a pull and a handle?


Pull handles and handles are commonly used items in our daily lives, and are widely used in furniture, doors, windows, kitchens and bathrooms, etc. Although they are all tools used to grasp or push and pull objects, they have different characteristics and uses. Let’s explore the difference between pulls and handles.

 What is the difference between a pull and a handle? 1

First, pulls and handles differ in shape. The handle is usually a straight line, with both ends connected to the door and window with fixed bolts. It can also be directly fixed on the surface of the object with advertising glue. Their main function is to hold and pull the door, window or drawer and other items with the hand. The handle is mainly a rotary object manipulation tool. They usually have the shape of a round handle or a grip. When used, the handle body can be rotated to control the opening and closing state of the object, such as the control handles of refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, mechanical equipment, etc.

Secondly, handles and handles are also different in how they are used. The handle is relatively simple to use. You only need to hold the handle with your hand and pull it up, down, left and right to complete the operation. The handle needs to twist the handle body. When the handle turns to the opening and closing state, it is necessary to use force and direction to control the handle body so that the operation can be completed.

Beyond that, pulls and handles serve different purposes. Handles are usually used on items such as large furniture, doors and windows, while handles are mainly used in various industrial production fields such as machinery and equipment, as well as in home areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and children's toys. The types and materials of handles are also more abundant, including metal, plastic, wood, etc. Different materials and shapes can be used in different environments and operating needs.

To sum up, although handles and handles are common operating tools, they have different usage methods, shapes and uses in many aspects. In our life and work, we must choose and use appropriate tools reasonably, so that we can improve work efficiency and ensure our own work safety.

As an integral part of furniture, the function of handles is to facilitate people to open furniture cabinet doors and drawers. With the changes of the times and changes in people's consumption concepts, the design and materials of handles are also constantly changing. So, what will be the development trend of furniture handles in the future?

1. Diversified design styles

In the future, different brands of furniture handles will promote diversified style designs, including popular, simple, medieval, retro and other elements to meet the needs of people of different ages, genders and professionals. For example, young consumers prefer interesting colors and geometric shapes, as well as playful and personalized handle designs, while older consumers pay more attention to practicality, comfort and healthy style, as well as the texture and ease of use of handles. .

2. Vector design

The future design of furniture handles will focus on vectorized design methods. Through advanced technical means, the handles of furniture handles will be decomposed into smaller vector parts, making the furniture handles more ergonomic and visual, and better adaptable to different styles. Furniture form improves product performance and aesthetics.

3. Environmentally friendly materials

With the increase in global environmental awareness and the continuous research and development of new materials, future furniture handles will use more environmentally friendly and sustainable materials, such as biodegradable resin, bamboo, ceramics, etc. This material has the characteristics of anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion, light weight, etc., and can also link the principles of environmental protection and fashion, and is favored by consumers.

4. Smart home

In the future, home appliances and furniture will form a more complete set, and furniture handles are no exception. The rapid development of the smart home market will bring innovation to furniture handles. For example, intelligent voice control technology is introduced into handles to control the opening and closing of furniture through voice commands and gestures, creating a more convenient and comfortable lifestyle for users.

5. Use virtual reality technology to develop new handles

Virtual reality technology is developing rapidly. In the future, the design of furniture handles will also use this technology to simulate the styles, sizes and materials of various handles, interact with consumers, and be able to more accurately adjust the design of the handles and coordinate them. to the development of new products.

The unique home experience created for customers is an important topic in the future home industry. From the perspective of the furniture handle industry, the development of furniture handles needs to combine market demand, the application of innovative technologies, improve product quality and brand reputation, and create high-quality products with outstanding market competitiveness, with the purpose of allowing consumers to benefit from home life.


As a handle supplier, we aim to provide customers with exceptional products that reflect our commitment to excellence and attention to detail. By continuously adapting to changing market trends and incorporating advanced manufacturing techniques, we strive to deliver products that not only meet but exceed customer expectations. Our focus on quality and innovation allows us to establish a strong brand reputation within the home furnishing industry. Through our dedication to providing a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience, we aim to foster long-term relationships with our customers. Experience care and concern in every detail when choosing our handles, as we are dedicated to promoting the long-term development of the home furnishing industry.

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