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Four Tips For Cabinet Knob & Pull Installation DRY-FIT WITH ADHESIVE PUTTY A perfectly centered knob may not appear centered when it isn't eye-level. Before you begin drilling into your doors and drawers, make sure you're happy with where you're mounting your hardware. Use a bit...


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    T Handle, mainly used in home and commercial places are applicable, reflecting the generous and decent, the surface has frosted, bright and so on! Can do cabinet door handle, drawer handle, furniture handle and so on, the applicability is extremely wide!


    Our handle captures the new fashion theme, deeply studies the cultural characteristics of the times, and focuses on the user experience of the handle. Starting from the style and tone, modeling structure, ergonomics, user experience, combined with the product application scene, it gives the public a multi-dimensional revolutionary amazing handle.


    The maintenance and cleaning methods of cabinet handle are as follows:


    1. T Handle with water stains should be dried in time to avoid rusting of cabinet hardware handle;


    2. The hinge and drawer slide of the cabinet should be oiled frequently to keep the opening and closing smoothly;


    3. It's better not to hang things on the cupboard handle. Although the cupboard handle is small, it plays a very important role and is an important part of the cupboard.


    Handle simple, generous and elegant, very suitable for the traditional convex panel cabinet. Their simple shape is not only quite decorative, but also not as loud as the guests, over the other decorative elements in the house.


    What kind of handle should be installed in the cabinet? How to choose the size of cabinet handle? What are the sizes of cabinet handles? Don't worry. Let's tell you.


    In home decoration, hardware accessories can not be ignored, handle not only plays a pivotal role in home life, but also its diverse modeling and style can add highlights for home decoration. Because the size of different cabinet is different, so the size of cabinet handle is different. Before buying the handle, it is best to determine the length of the handle, and then select the handle according to the hole distance and total length of the handle.

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