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Kitchen Door Hinges 1
Kitchen Door Hinges 1

Kitchen Door Hinges

Type: Inseparable hydraulic damping hinge Opening angle: 100° Diameter of hinge cup: 35mm Scope: wood cabinet door Pipe Finish: Nickel plated Main material: Cold-rolled steel


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    Inseparable hydraulic damping hinge

    Opening angle


    Diameter of hinge cup



    wood cabinet door

    Pipe Finish

    Nickel plated

    Main material

    Cold-rolled steel

    Cover space adjustment


    The depth adjustment


    Base adjustment (up/down)


    Articulation cup altitude


    Door drilling size


    Door thickness



    *Specializing in research and concentration, opening up a new static world of life

    Damping linkage application, stable silence.

    *Super-large adjustment allows more freedom in space

    Extra large adjustment space, cover position 12-21MM.

    *Small size, great ability and steadiness are the real skills

    The connecting piece is made of high-strength steel, and the two hinges of a single door bear 30KG vertically.

    *Durable, solid quality is still as good as new

    Product test life > 80,000 times.

    *Noble, shining silver

    It is the most dazzling color in the darkness and the most charming light in details.

    Although a hinge is small, it often affects the actual utility of a piece of furniture. And a high-quality metal storage piece can make furniture even better. Aosite has been specializing in household hardware for 24 years and has unique experience in hinges. Sharing from several senior technical staff of Aosite.


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