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Hinges for Furniture Doors 1
Hinges for Furniture Doors 1

Hinges for Furniture Doors

Model number:AQ-866 Type: Clip on hydraulic damping hinge (two-way) Opening angle: 110° Diameter of hinge cup: 35mm Scope: Cabinets, wood layman Finish: Nickel plated and Copper plated Main material: Cold-rolled steel


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    Clip on hydraulic damping hinge (two-way)

    Opening angle


    Diameter of hinge cup



    Cabinets, wood layman


    Nickel plated and Copper plated

    Main material

    Cold-rolled steel

    Cover space adjustment


    The depth adjustment


    Base adjustment (up/down)


    Articulation cup altitude


    Door drilling size


    Door thickness



    Each cabinet door hinge features a built-in damper that creates a soft closing movement.

    All essential mounting hardware included for an effortless installation.


    AQ866 hinge for furniture doors is one kind of 2-way adjustment on the base allows you to adjust the door height after installation, great for DIY jobs or contractors. It is easy to install and adjust.


    Hinges for Furniture Doors 5

    Convenient spiral-tech depth adjustment

    Diameter of Hinge Cup : 35mm/1.4";

    Recommended Door Thickness : 14-22mm

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    Hinges for Furniture Doors 7

    3 years guarantee


    Weight is 112g

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    Hinges for Furniture Doors 12


    AOSITE furniture hardware are great for busy and hectic lifestyles. No more doors banging shut against cabinets, causing damage and noise, these hinges will catch the door just before it closes to bring it to soft quiet stop.

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