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How does Tatami System work?


Home tatami is an ancient Japanese residential layout that embeds the house's built-in beds, sofas, tables, lockers and other home facilities into the ground, creating a more comfortable and natural lifestyle. Tatami is characterized by a certain minimalist style, and it also has very high aesthetic value and is loved by more and more people. In the process of using tatami, we can also create a warmer and more comfortable home environment by matching various home accessories.


The tatami system is a traditional Japanese style of living that is widely used in Japan. It is widely used in the bedroom or living room, and the reason why it is often loved by many people is its simplicity, warmth, space-saving and cost-saving. In this article, we discuss how the tatami system works and highlight its advantages.


The tatami system consists of a special building technique of laying slender wooden boards on the bottom and thinner boards of slightly thicker wood on top. These boards cover the bottom of the tatami and hold cotton or foam mattresses. In this way, you can sleep and rest comfortably on the tatami. Of course, since Japanese-style living areas are usually small, tatami mattresses are usually smaller than traditional mattresses. This is very convenient for those who like to save space.

How does Tatami System work? 1

Tatami is often used as the floor for living or living spaces. It can be decorated in a very beautiful Japanese style. For example, some small tables and dark Japanese-style rugs can be placed on the tatami mattresses to create a comfortable leisure environment. In addition, you can also place some beautiful Japanese cushions or pillows on the tatami mattress, which can make the room more warm and elegant.


In fact, there are many advantages of tatami. First, the tatami system saves space. Since its planks are laid directly on the floor, more furniture and other daily necessities can be placed in a room of the same size. Secondly, the use cost of tatami is low. Mattresses and boards are usually less expensive than traditional mattresses, so the cost of tatami is easier to digest. In addition, the tatami system is relatively easy to clean. All it takes is some simple regular care to keep it clean and hygienic in use. Finally, the tatami system can also provide a more comfortable sleeping experience. The combination of plank and mattress can provide better support, allowing people to rest more freely.


In short, tatami is a practical and beautiful Japanese living system. It can provide a comfortable bedroom and rest space in a very small space, and save the cost of home furnishing. The tatami system can also create a comfortable environment that meets people's daily needs. So, tatami is indeed a very valuable mattress system in everyday life.


Home tatami air support refers to the arrangement of tatami to reflect an inner temperament and style. Tatami can make the home more cultural, fashionable and personalized. In the arrangement of tatami air supports, we can match its design and style with the color tone and layout style of the home, thereby creating a warm, cultural, and harmonious atmosphere.


The design concept of home tatami is simplicity and comfort. The stretchy cushions combined with the thick quilt provide comfort while lying down. In such a bed, the human body can be fully relaxed and the quality of sleep is guaranteed. In addition, it will be more convenient to handle daily housework on the home tatami, because the bed height is generally lower, making it easier to clean and organize. Paired with some simple furniture, the whole room will also have a comfortable and natural feel.


The tatami handles optimize the practicality of the tatami. Many tatami products are equipped with handles, which not only beautify the bed, but also make the use of tatami more convenient. Usually, handles can be placed in different positions on the bed according to personal needs, such as fixed on the edge or head of the bed to facilitate getting in and out of bed, turning over and other activities. For the elderly or those with physical disabilities, the practicality of the couch handle is even more indispensable.


It is worth reminding that when choosing a tatami for home, you must comprehensively consider factors such as quality, price, size, and materials to meet your own needs. When using tatami, you should pay more attention to keeping the room dry and cleaning it in time to ensure its service life.


In general, home tatami is a beautiful, practical, comfortable, and space-saving home choice. The handle is an important part of it. It not only has the function of decoration and beautification but also can improve the use efficiency of tatami. Perhaps everyone can find the lifestyle they want on the tatami at home and enjoy the beauty of life in a comfortable environment.


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