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What is the difference between a gas spring and a mechanical spring?


Gas springs and mechanical springs are two commonly used types of springs that differ greatly in structure, function, and use. This article will compare and analyze the differences between these two types of springs and explore their pros and cons.


First of all, a gas spring is a spring that works on the principle of air pressure, which is supported by internal gas pressure. When installed, the gas spring needs to be sealed and connected to generate pressure inside the gas to generate elastic force, thereby realizing motion control and force support. The opposite is a mechanical spring, which works on the principle of metal elasticity. Mechanical springs come in a variety of shapes, such as helical, torsion bar, pin, lock, etc. The mechanical spring has a simple structure and is usually made of bent metal wires. When a force is applied, the internal metal structure deforms to form resistance, thereby realizing motion control and supporting force.


Gas springs have unique advantages over mechanical springs. First, they can be designed for constant force or constant force speed applications. In contrast, mechanical springs are generally only available for constant force applications. In addition, because the gas spring works based on the principle of air pressure, its height and hardness can be adjusted very flexibly, which is what mechanical springs cannot provide. In addition, gas springs work more efficiently because they have a high load-to-volume ratio and are more energy efficient.


Although the gas spring has such advantages, it also has disadvantages. For example, the gas spring depends on the air source and requires a compressed air system. At the same time, the installation is complicated, and improper installation will cause danger. However, mechanical springs also have their disadvantages, such as noise problems caused by belt sawtooth and vibration, and instability caused by changes in mechanical stiffness.


In general, gas springs and mechanical springs have their own advantages and disadvantages, and their applications and availability are also different. Gas springs require an air source and are suitable for applications that require rapid and continuous changes in load and pressure, such as mining machinery, industrial production lines, medical equipment, etc.; mechanical springs are suitable for static or slow constant applications, such as printers, laptops, safes wait. Different applications require different spring types, so the choice of spring needs to be made according to actual needs.


In the process of employing spring, we should pay attention to the following points:


1. Select the appropriate spring type according to the required force and speed.

2. Select the appropriate spring material according to the use environment and working conditions.

3. Install the spring correctly according to the requirements, and carry out regular inspection and maintenance.


To sum up, gas springs and mechanical springs have their own advantages and disadvantages, and we should choose the appropriate spring type according to the needs in practical applications. Pay attention to installation, inspection and maintenance during use to ensure its normal use and improve efficiency.

What is the difference between a gas spring and a mechanical spring? 1


Benefits of using gas springs for cabinets:


1. Convenient opening and closing: The existence of a gas spring can reduce the weight of cabinet doors, making the doors open and close more easily. There is no need to regularly replace worn door hinges, and there is no need to worry about deformation and damage caused by the weight of the door panel.


2. Safe and reliable: The gas spring is used to balance the weight of the cabinet door so that the door panel is not easy to flip or fall. Moreover, the strength of the gas spring can be adjusted to suit cabinet doors of different sizes and weights.


3. Save space: Installing gas springs in the upper and lower cabinets can save other structural devices and reduce costs. Not only that, it can also be hidden in the cabinet, reducing the space it takes up, and making the overall kitchen space more spacious.


4. Beautiful and elegant: Compared with ordinary door hinges, air braces do not cause convex parts to appear on the surface of the cabinet door. Moreover, on certain styles of cabinets, the design of the gas spring can be integrated with the style of the entire cabinet, playing a beautiful decorative role.


5. Easy maintenance: Compared with traditional door hinges, the design of air braces is very simple. There are no complicated parts, no parts that need to be repaired or replaced frequently, and no additional maintenance tools such as grease and lubricants are required.


In daily use, we should also pay attention to the following points:


1. Don’t open and close too hard: Although air braces can support cabinet doors, they are not a panacea. Therefore, we still have to open and close with appropriate force. In this way, not only can the life of the gas strut be extended, but the door panel will not be excessively worn.


2. Choose high-quality products: When we buy gas struts, we must choose products with good quality from the manufacturer, and pay attention to certain quality inspections during installation. If we use substandard gas struts, the negative effects may be more serious than we expect.


In short, there are many benefits to using gas springs, but we must choose good quality products according to the actual situation of the cabinet, and maintain good habits during use. In this way, we can enjoy the many conveniences brought by air braces.


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