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The gas spring is used as a connecting accessory for the up and down of daily cabinet doors, and its installation convenience and economical practicality are sought after. You can find healthy paint, POM connector and free stop function here. Aosite hardware is well-known as one of the leading cabinet gas spring manufacturers and suppliers in China since 1993. Welcome to wholesale bulk high quality cabinet gas spring made in China here from our factory.With advanced technology and customer-responsible service concepts, Aosite brand have served many customers and accumulated rich production experience of Drawer slides system, Soft-closehinge, and Aluminum alloy handle such furniture hardware products.
Soft Up Gas Support for Cabinet Door
Model Number:C4-301 Force: 50N-150N Center to center: 245mm Stroke: 90mm Main material 20#: 20# Finishing tube, copper, plastic Pipe Finish: Electroplating & healthy spray paint Rod Finish: Ridgid Chromium-plated Optional Functions: Standard up/ soft down/free stop/ Hydraulic double step
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Which force do I need for my kitchen gas springs?

To find the right gas spring for your kitchen cabinet, you need to know the dimensions of the cabinet door. You can measure most of these using a ruler, but it is not immediately possible to calculate the pressure in the gas spring.

Fortunately, most gas springs for kitchen cabinets have text printed on them. Sometimes this will state how many newtons the gas spring has. You can see to the right how to read the forces.

Side you can see some of the most used gas springs for kitchen cabinets. If you need other pressures or a different stroke, you can find them on our gas spring page or via our gas spring configurator.

Please be aware that Position gas spring correctly

There is a gasket in kitchen gas springs where the piston rod and sleeve meet. If this dries out, there is a risk that the gasket will not provide a tight seal and the gas will therefore escape.

There is a small amount of oil in the sleeve, so to keep the gasket lubricated, simply position the kitchen gas spring so that the piston rod is turned downwards in its usual position. In the drawing alongside, the gas spring is turned correctly.

Comply with Swiss SGS quality inspection and CE certification

In terms of production technology, Aosite Hardware adheres to international advanced technology, has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, and is fully in line with the Swiss SGS quality test and CE certification.The establishment of the product testing center marks that Aosite Hardware has once again stepped into a new era. In the future, Aosite will use more excellent hardware products to give back to our customers and friends who have been supporting us, and polish every product with "ingenuity". This product uses technology and design to drive the reform of the domestic hardware industry, uses hardware to lead the development of the furniture industry, and uses hardware to continuously improve people's quality of life.
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The concentration of 5% sodium chloride solution, the PH value is between 6.5-7.2, the spray volume is 2ml/80cm2/h, the hinge is tested for 48 hours of neutral salt spray, and the test result reaches 9 levels.
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Under the condition of setting the initial force value, the durability test of 50000 cycles and the compression force test of air support are carried out.
8 (3)
All batches of integrated parts are subject to sampling hardness test to ensure quality.
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Gas Spring Catalog
In the gas spring catalog, you can find basic product information, including some parameters and features, as well as corresponding installation dimensions, which will help you understand it in depth.
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