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Tatami Gas Pump 1
Tatami Gas Pump 1

Tatami Gas Pump

Type: Tatami free stop gas spring Force: 25N 45N 65 Center to center: 358mm Stroke: 149mm Rob finish: Ridgid chrouium-plating Pipe finish: Health paint surface Main material: 20# Finishing tube


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    Tatami air support - what are the characteristics of tatami air support

    1. Economic and multifunctional. Tatami air support has many functions such as bed, carpet, stool, chair or sofa. It is estimated that a room of the same size, if it is European style, is better than a tatami.

    2. It's good for your health. Soft sofa will make legs, hips, waist muscle relaxation, and sitting tatami air support will not have muscle relaxation worry, and tatami exudes grass fragrance makes people refreshing. Its soft and hard moderate texture, for children's bone development, has a role in promoting growth.

    3. Save space. Tatami air support can effectively use the space and save the floor space of bed, sofa, stool and chair.

    4. Four seasons. Tatami is a kind of household goods. People walk on it barefoot, flat but not slippery. It's not cool in winter and not hot in summer. It's clean and comfortable.

    Tatami air support why can get unprecedented development in Japan, is because of Japan's wide range of small family home. For now China's rising house prices, small household consumers are also increasing, so tatami air support is gradually becoming popular in the market. Tatami air support can save floor decoration, at the same time, it has good thermal and comfortable performance, warm in winter and cool in summer, which is very suitable for the young generation of consumers.


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    Adjustable Connection Head

    Free adjust both two side to change the force of gas spring, make it

    more suitable for the cabinet door

    and achieve a better effect.

    Pom Head Design

    Easy to remove, easy to install

    Hard Chrome Stroke

    Solid design, strong capacity

    of anti-rust powerful support

    Tatami Gas Pump 14

    Aosite Logo

    Aosite exclusive logo, reliable quality

    Healthy Spray Paint Surface

    Health and environmental

    protection spray paint surface

    make home safer and more


    Installation dimensions

    Tatami adjustable connection

    head,free adjustment of

    space,the change of bearing

    capacity from small to large,

    make cabinet door to achieve

    optimal use effect.

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