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Features Of Tatami Lifts


1. Easy operation


The tatami lifting table is operated more by electric, and some can even be operated by remote control. It has the characteristics of low noise, large telescopic range, stable operation, simple installation and convenient operation, which can make the indoor space very variable.

2. Save space

The shape of the tatami lifting platform is different. This design makes the interior without many complicated or exaggerated decorations, simple and generous, and expands the space on the basis of the original area. The tatami floor can also be made into multiple lattice spaces. Or drawer form, it has good storage and saves space effectively.

3. One-room multifunctional

The use of the lifting table can realize a multi-functional room, which can be used as a study and tea room when raised, used when receiving friends, and can be used as a children's entertainment space or a bed as a quilt guest room. The needs of most small households.



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